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Community description:Anonymous Xenosaga kink meme
An adults only anonymous Xenosaga fic and art community. The rules are simple, and are as follows:

ℵ Please refrain from posting if you are under 18!
ℵ All comments must be anonymous!
ℵ One prompt per comment, please! It's real hard to keep track of requests if there's a bunch jammed into one post!
ℵ You may still fill a prompt even if it's already been done by someone else! The more the merrier! :D
ℵ After you post a prompt for yourself, be awesome and fill somebody else's request! Kink memes are no fun if everyone posts and nobody fills, after all! :)
ℵ WANKAS GET OUT! This is meant to be a safe space for kink requests. That means no kink-shaming, no pairing/character-bashing, or trashing someone's fill or request. Inflammatory posts will be deleted!
ℵ Requests must focus around a kink/scenario! Simple requests for pairings and nothing else are not in the spirit of the community. (Example: "I want to see Sellers get it on with chaos in a bathtub" as opposed to just "Sellers/chaos plz.")
ℵ Don't lick the Zohar! D: Also, have fun!

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